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The first elementary school in Ergates started operating in 1900. Before that, any children that wanted to receive education went to the monastery of Agios Irakleidios in Politiko and later on to the Communities of Pera and Psimolofou. Pupils from the community of Anageia also attended the school from 1900 until 1926.

In the beginning the school was house in a hall granted by the church; due to the rapid increase of pupils, the raising of a new school was deemed necessary in 1950, in the area where today's school is located. In the school there are 8 classrooms, a housekeeping hall, an office of the Principal, and a hall for the teachers. In the school there are 165 pupils attending and 13 teachers.

A Public Kindergarten also operates in the community, preparing the children for their entry into primary education. Apart from these public schools, the Council for Community Welfare (CCW) of Ergates operates a Kindergarten and a Children's Club, to which working mothers can entrust the care of their children until they return from their job. The goal and aspiration of the Council (CCW) and the Community Council of Ergates is to construct privately owned buildings in an area that was granted by the state, in that manner housing both the kindergarten and the children's club.

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